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Virb Sites for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Here at Virb, we’re so grateful that our East Coasters stayed safe during the storm. Now that our power is back on, we want to give back by supporting you. If you have a group/organization/campaign related to Sandy relief and need a website to support it, we’ve got you covered.

Just send us a quick message telling us about your cause so we can get you set up with a full free year of Virb.

Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families and to those still struggling to get their lives back to normal. We hope that this can help in some small way.

(Photo by our own New Yorker Matt Rubin)

Not only does Virb create awesome websites, but there are some truly amazing people behind that company too. Spread this around if you know of anyone spearheading a Sandy relief campaign. 

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