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On Sunday I had the great pleasure of attending the 55th Annual Grammy Music Awards as a guest with MasterCard. I’ve always been the biggest music fan, and made a point of watching the Grammys every year growing up. I’m pretty sure the music entertainment business is part of the reason I originally got into photography! It was so much fun spending the day getting all dressed up though, and then walking around the event people watching all the fancy ladies and well dressed men.

The performances blew me away, and my expectations were all exceeded. I was most excited to see FUN, and The Lumineers, but got unexpected chills when Elton John performed. Then of course I got all giddy when Justin Timberlake took the stage, like I was 14 again, and even more excited when Jay-Z popped up for a surprise performance with him! All of the greatest on stage in one show. It was truly a priceless night out in Los Angeles, and just another great reason why I love this city.

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